FIND Installation & Usage Guide

Getting Started is easy. You’ll need to TURN ON the FIND only once and download the app. From there you will connect the FIND to the App and then you’re done. In less than 5 minutes you’ll be able to connect your phone to your FIND, attach it to something important to you and always know where you left it.

On your mobile device (or devices because FIND can be shared on your devices or on your friend’s or families’ devices) download and install the “FIND App” from the iOS app or Google Play Store. Search for SenseGiz FIND or use the links given below:

iOS Android


For iOS: iPhone 4s, iPhone 5, iPhone 5c/5s, iPad 3, iPad 4, iPod touch 5th generation & iPad mini.
For Android: All devices with Android 4.3 and above versions. 3G/4G network is preferred rather than WiFi for Android.

Turning ON your FIND

Your FIND is OFF when you first open the packaging. You must turn your FIND ON by removing the polythene sheet stuck to the bottom of the battery loaded inside the FIND tag. Always use the battery opener tool provided to open the battery lid. GENTLY rotate the lid clock-wise (slight movement) using the tool and then tap the FIND a few times from the opposite side to open the lid. For placing the battery, please ensure that the +ve (with the battery brand name) is facing the top and the –ve side (no markings) is facing the bottom of the FIND casing.

Please note that the battery lid only needs to be rotated a little bit to open it from the closed position with a very gentle movement. To know how to insert a new battery or replace the old one, please check these videos: and

Still cannot open the battery lid?

Use package mailing tape, wrap it around your finger, stick the sticky part of the tape to the lid and pull it off! Rotate the cover to the open position before trying this!

Connecting to the app:

Please ensure that you have internet & Bluetooth is turned ON. The FIND can ONLY be connected from the FIND app & cannot be connected from Bluetooth settings menu of your Phone. Please open the FIND app, & press the round refresh button in the top left corner of the menu to find it & then click on “Connect”. Please watch a demo of how the FIND app works and the different options available:

A FIND tag can be connected to only ONE phone/tablet at once. Multiple phones cannot connect to the same FIND at once. The FIND will reconnect automatically to the app in 5-15 seconds every time it is back in range after an automatic disconnection.

For Sharing a tag, please ensure that you are connected to the internet and use the share button from the app homepage. Please search for the name of the person and click share. Shared users can see the same tag from the “shared devices” section of their app and the app supports real-time tracking of shared tags.

The tags are available to connect to the app at all times when not in connection as one may want to connect/find the tags any point in time. The power consumed when not connected is higher than when kept connected to the app.


Once connected, the FIND is registered to your user account. Other users will be able to connect to the same FIND tag only if the original owner shares it with them via the app or forgets the tags via the “Forget Device” option available at the inner menu page of the app.

FIND has a white colored double sided adhesive tape on the backside. Please take off the top layer to stick the FIND to objects like laptops, etc.

NEED HELP? We are always @ your service @ We have a lot of FAQ’s and video links at this link.

Troubleshooting Steps:

1) Please ensure Bluetooth is turned on & phone has internet. For Android- 3G/4G network is preferred, instead of Wifi.

2) Please press the round refresh button in the top left corner of the app home page to scan.

3) Please turn off Bluetooth from your phone’s settings menu, and turn it on back again.

4) Please restart your phone & then restart the app.

5) The battery may be dead. The tags consume battery power even if not in use as they are always available to connect. Kindly use a new CR1632 coin cell battery.

6) For Android: Press the “Reset” button or please go to “Application manager” or “App Info” section of your phone and clear the App data and app cache for the FIND app to resolve connectivity issues.

For FIND tags shipped before August 2014 only:

1) Please click “Pair” when the pop-up is shown upon connecting. For Android only: the pairing request may be found in the phone’s drop-down notifications menu. Please go to Bluetooth settings menu to check if the FIND is paired with your device. If not, search for available devices and pair with the FIND tag. Please refer attached screenshots.


2) If the FIND tag is still shown as “Unavailable”, kindly go to Bluetooth Settings menu as shown in screenshots above and delete the pairing (or “Unpair”) of the FIND tag and then restart the app. This is a known Android OS bug- especially if the app is unused for a while.

3) For Android only: Some Android phones support stable connection with only ONE FIND tag at a time.

More FAQ’s and troubleshooting steps here.

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