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Mesh Network of Sensors for IoT Applications


How It Works?

Web Control Panel

View COIN activity in terms of current sensor values, and conditions like thresholds set for various COIN or just to get the latest value of any sensor.

Control the behavior of COIN by setting different threshold values across various sensors associated with the COIN.

Set streaming intervals of temperature and humidity sensors of each COIN.

Web Control Panel

Map Centre

Map Centre

Visualize COIN activities on virtual location maps. Upload custom floor plan images and drag and drop markers to point to the physical location of the COIN.

Monitor any changes in vital parameters on our monitoring panel that shows real time alerts on the indoor map.

COIN+SAFR can be used for real time indoor location tracking solutions.

Power of Analytics

Graphs show changes in temperature and humidity over a period of time.

Changes in threshold values for motion, vibration, temperature and humidity can be also viewed on our cloud in the form of analytics.

Map Center heat maps indicate activities in the entire location on virtual indoor maps.

Analytics can be built to suit unique use cases like asset tracking, impact and vibration analysis.



End-to-end IoT Solutions.

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