Perimeter Security

COIN attached to fences can detect unauthorized intrusion or tampering. Our intelligent algorithms can recognize human activities using dual motion and vibration sensor.

fence tampering

$14.3 Billion Losses per year due to illegal intrusion

The perimeter can be covered with our COINs. Sensors in the COIN will detect intrusion activity and send real time notification to the command centre, which helps them take appropriate actions.

Wireless connectivity and wireless streaming, hence a perfect fit in such cases.

Due to its small size, the coin is not visible to the intruders

perimeter fencing
perimeter security

How this works

  • COIN can be installed through out the fence at a distance of 30 feet apart.
  • COINs can detect vibration and motion
  • Get real time alerts on unauthorized entry and events.
  • COINs can be attached to walls, fences, doors, windows to detect tampering or entry.
  • Our Machine Learning model can recognize human activities using the dual motion & vibration sensors.
  • Real time data analysis can distinguish between humans (walking, running, crawling or tunneling) and other objects like vehicles, animals etc.


  1. Get real time alerts with location, if someone is trying to intrude the perimeter
  2. 80% Increase in People Safety
  3. Detect multiple intrusions simultaneously even in the presence of background environmental noise


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