Safety Solutions & People Tracking

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An ideal Safety solution for everyone irrespective of their age including elderly, kids and communities

Safety of employees can be monitored in high risk industries

No smartphone app required to use SAFR wrist band

A combination of wearable sensor and mounted sensor nodes collects data and our intelligent mesh network sends notification in case of an accident or a crash fall

Geo Fencing and People Tracking for enterprises


Set Boundaries

Geo-fencing allows the
administrator to set boundaries. It
can be a circle around a specific
point, or two polygons
representing sides.

Trigger an alert

Easily monitor the location of a
person. Whenever a person
leaves or enters the assigned
area, an alarm is triggered.

View activity on dashboard

Floor map can be imported on
our dashboard and position of
the COINS can be planned

Easy Integration

Estimate the coverage of each
COIN and create virtual
geo-fencing zones.

Real Time Location

Get the exact location of a
person within the defined
area. Also, determine number
of users in a predefined area.

Wide industry verticals

Our Geo-Fencing and people
tracking solutions can be used
for industry verticals like
Hospitals, Pharma and
Chemical industries, shipping
and many high risk industries
that have a pressing need to
monitor the pin point location
and safety of multiple
employees at once.

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