Security Solutions for Perimeter/Fencing


COINs can be attached to walls or fences to detect tampering or entry. Sensor Nodes are capable of vibration, impact and motion detection. Intelligent algorithms on the COIN can recognize human activities using the dual motion & vibration sensors.


COINs can detect and locate perimeter intrusions over a distance of up to 30m (100 ft) per sensor processor, and within 3m (10 ft) of accuracy. It accurately locates intrusions even when there are multiple intrusions simultaneously and in the presence of background environmental noise.


The tiny COIN units can easily be concealed on the ground or on perimeters/walls/fences. Alternatively it can be used as an electronic “minefield” or tripwire. One ethernet gateway can support up to 100 nodes. COIN has better advantages over wired solution.

  • Threshold of each COIN can be customized from the dashboard so as to eliminate the false alarm.
  • COIN can withstand any harsh environmental condition. The operating temperature of COIN is -40 deg Celsius to 70 deg Celsius.
  • As COIN works on mesh network, even if one or two devices go down for any reason COIN continues to send the data to the next available COIN which is within the range.



System for fence based applications is ready, while system for underground buried applications is under development.  Real time data analysis can distinguish between humans (walking, running, crawling or tunneling) and other objects like vehicles, animals etc.

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