We at SenseGiz have built an award winning & patent pending digital solution for enforcing social distancing and contact tracking for enterprise use, to mitigate risks, keep employees safe and prevent future business Shutdowns due to COVID-19.

Enterprise Internet of Things


Our proprietary mesh network of sensors helps in reducing storage losses, reduce asset tracking time, increase efficiency and predict machine failure by using our End-to-End IoT Solutions.

Problems we solve

Condition Monitoring
Maintain the quality of your products by monitoring the environmental conditions like temperature and humidy.
Real time locating system
Increase asset utilization by real time indoor tracking of your vehicles, goods, assets and raw materials.
Predictive Maintenance
Predict in advance the failure of your machines and motors to avoid a major breakdown and losses.
Improved efficiency
Improce safety and efficiency of your workforce with proper organizing and real time tracking.
Perimeter Security
Secure your perimeter to get real time alerts in case of illegal intrusion.

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Compact Design

Custom Deployment

Data driven decisions

Wide Applications

Over the air Updates

Water and Dust resistant

Compact Design

Small and compact design with multiple sensors like Temperature, Humidity, Accelerometer and

Data Driven Decision

Using COIN, the user can monitor key metrics, analyze past trends, generate reports and analyze data to get actionable insights of the operations. Our machine learning algorithms can also predict failure of your assets.

Custom Deployment

Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Motion, Vibration, Assets and People in real time. Get alerts and notification in real time.

Wide Applications

COIN can be used for a wide range of applications such as Condition Monitoring, Security solutions for perimeter, Real Time Locating  systems for Asset Tracking, Geo Fencing solutions, People tracking and many more.

Real time insights using our cloud based software platform
Define rules, triggers, events & actions for all your business needs.
See your data come alive in graphics, dashboards and reports.

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Used by leading industries around the world

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