Predictive Maintenance

Predict health of critical rotating equipment such as motors, pumps, compressors, industrial fans with our sensors.

vibration monitoring

Easy to install, Plug and Play devices with remote access on web and mobile through the cloud

Plug and Play, wireless sensors installed on assets monitor real time vibrations.




Critical data is transmitted securely to the cloud through our gateway



Visualize this data anywhere through web and mobile and get real time alerts


  • Overall machine performance parameter monitoring.
  • Machine utilization report and alarm indication if Idle for more than defined time slot.
  • Real time data processing and online Update collection at the central server.
  • Automated Report, Customized Analytics and dashboard and notifications of Processed Data.
  • Cost-effective Data transmission- 3G/LTE, multiple-sim aggregation.
  • Measure the productivity by shift and operator wise.
Old Acc stream
  • Vibration data can be streamed at regular intervals of time.
  • Data for all three axis can be seen on the dashboard
  • Vibration analytics can be done using FFT on dashboard.
  • Analytics dashboard for vibration monitoring.
  • Set upper and lower threshold values.
  • Get alerted in case the threshold values are crossed.
  • Analyze historical data to see where frequent problems are taking place.







Coin with Accelerometer Version1

  • Parameter : LSM6DS3
  • It generates 4080 (x,y,z=1360) samples per sec
  • This Accelerometer have one Low pass filters due to which we can get the accurate noice of 180 μg/ÖHz
  • Bandwidth : 1600 Hz(depends on setted odr and will be odr/2, max allowed 1600 Hz)
  • ODR : 12.5 Hz - 6.66 kHz (selectable odr)

Coin with Accelerometer Version 2

  • Parameter : IIS3DWB
  • It generates 1533 (x,y,z=511) samples per sec
  • This Accelerometer have two Low pass filters due to which we can get accurate the readings with less noise of 75 μg/ÖHz
  • Bandwidth : 6300 Hz(selectable bw)
  • ODR : 26.66 kHz(fixed odr)
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