Real- Time Location Tracking Systems for Asset Management

Monitoring tools, equipment and asset location with a cloud-based server. Improving productivity by
focussing on asset utilization. Now, you can manage your assets with our IOT platform

Protect Employees at Workplace from COVID-19

Are you facing these challenges?

real time location system

Saving man hours on tools, equipments and assets.

Indoor asset tracking Indoor asset tracking

Tracking your material (Returnable/ Refundable).

warehousing theft

Protecting your asset from theft.


TAT to measure downtime of an equipment.

Curious about our technology and want to know how we can help?

COINs are placed at every 50 to100 feet. The assets to be tracked are tagged with FIND devices. FIND COIN works in a mesh network, thereby enabling accurate real time data to locate all assets.
The entire area is covered with COIN mesh network and Gateways will be placed at strategic locations to collect data from COINs and transfer it to the CLOUD over WiFi or Ethernet.
Our API enabled cloud helps in custom deployment and collects, stores, computes and delivers information to theweb panel.
Get real time alerts /notifications of your asset on your mobile or browser.
COINs are placed at every 100 ft. The assets to be tracked are tagged with FIND units. FIND and COIN works in a mesh, thereby enabling accurate real time location of all assets

The entire area is covered with the COIN mesh network. Gateway collects the data from COINs and transfers the information to Cloud over Wi-Fi

Our powerful cloud which is API enabled for custom deployment collects, stores, computes and delivers all information to the Web Panel

Get real time information, notifications and alerts on any browser or mobile

What makes us different?

Time Around monitoring (TAT)
Monitor your assets with time log.

Inactivity monitoring
Alerts will be triggered when assets are left stranded or unattended beyond a certain time.

Trip Count
Can give the number of trips done by a particular asset, fleet, forklift etc in a day.

Interval monitoring

Monitoring downtime of assets & fleet. Raise alert if any asset doesn’t reach the desired location within a stipulated time.

Reusability of FINDs

You can reuse the same FIND to various assets in a day without overwriting the data of the asset to which the previous FIND was assigned.

Key Features

RTLS for asset tracking

Real Time Locating System (RTLS)

Track the location of assets in real time within a pre-defined location.

inactivity monitoring

Easy to use interface

Our solution is simple and can be used by the administrator with minimum training.

asset movement

Location Accuracy

Get pin point location of the asset across any floor within a building, the aisle location or a component in a warehouse.

Geofence violation

Geo-fencing Capabilities

Get alerts when an asset leaves or enters the restricted area.

time lapse monitoring

Historical data analyses

Analyze historical data to make intelligent decisions.

Track and Trace

Report generation

Get detailed reports of all assets and can be exported in excel and PDF.

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