SenseGiz IoT Solutions to prevent spread of COVID-19



Currently organizations & governments are facing challenges to track people & maintain social distancing at factories, offices, work places & hospitals

Protect Employees at Workplace from COVID-19 and Prevent Further Business Shutdowns

At SenseGiz, we have served many large enterprises with our asset & people tracking solution, and in the current COVID-19 pandemic, we have built on it to help prevent further business shutdowns. With our solution, Social distancing can be enforced in any factory/office environment and detailed historical contact tracing is done to minimise disruption and quickly isolate only the affected people and areas.

Key Features

Automatic audible Alerts to violators.

Focus on your operations & productivity.

Adhere to govt norms & quickly contain any outbreak.

Prevent overcrowding & geofencing.

Generate historical reports for repeat offenders.

Location tracking for contact tracing.

Inactivity alerts in case someone takes off the band/tag.

We have two solutions

Option A

For full fledged Historic location & contact tracing, Geo-Fencing, Over crowding alerts & Social distancing enforcement.

Option B

For Social distancing enforcement & contact tracing at economical costs.


Each SAFR/FIND worn by the user has a unique ID which is locked to the user to help in unique identification

Data retrieved from sensor nodes and wearables is passed from one node to another using Bluetooth Low Energy

Gateway assigned to these coins collects data and relays it to the cloud over WiFi

Notifications can be sent via SMS or email in real time

Collected data is delivered to cloud. Analysis is done on cloud for real time monitoring


Each FIND worn as a pendant/badge or carried by the user has a unique ID which is locked to the user to help in unique identification

Either Gateway or App can be used by customer to send the social distancing data to the cloud

Monitoring of social distancing violations can be done on the cloud



If any employee detected as positive

Previous contact history with other people can be traced

Data remains private to the customer and not shared with any third party




Admin will get an immediate notification if there is overcrowding in a particular area for example cafeteria

Geo-fence can be set for isolated people. If they cross the designated area, alert is sent to the admin

Solution for Overcrowding, Geo-fencing, Location tracing along with Social distancing management solution.

OPTION B (Lite version-Low cost)


User will get an audible alert on FIND if Social distancing is not maintained, admin can track violations & trace historic contacts

*Distance is customizable

Ready to know more about our solution for Social distancing management?


  • We help enforce social distancing in an office, identify violators, prevent overcrowding in one area, say a cafeteria- both of which app based solutions cannot do.
  • Most of the app based solutions rely on each employee keeping the GPS and Bluetooth on at all times on their phones, without which it doesn't work at all, which may not be practically feasible.
  • Many workplaces do not allow use of phones on the work floor, and people might not carry phones all the time with them or keep them in pockets/purses which would severely degrade tracing performance using an app only solution.
  • Data remains private to that company only and is not sent to 3rd party servers as in case of “app only” solutions.
  • Tags are reusable & can be re-assigned to any other employee/user at any point.
  • Inactivity alerts if people take off the tag/band- which helps to ensure 100% compliance.
  • High Accuracy : Our tags use the same electronic modules which ensures high accuracy compared to the usage of different smartphones from manufacturers with varying accuracy when used for social distancing or tracing.
  • Accurate Location : App based solutions can track people on streets, but for indoor locations like office /factory, such apps cannot tell you which floor did the person visit and will not trace the path within the buildings as GPS coverage is not reliable inside buildings. Our solution has detailed floor & room level contact tracing.
Option A is suitable if customers want geo fencing and location based data of who is where and over crowding alerts, and Option B is suitable if the customer needs only monitoring and enforcement of social distancing and violations. 

Variants of individual tracking tags:







We have a few variants with panic button and LED as well which enables tracking as well as panic alert feature. The Panic button helps the person to raise an emergency alert. These alerts can be sent immediately via SMS and email to any number of people. We can also monitor inactivity, for example if the person doesn’t move for a stipulated time an alert can be triggered which helps in monitoring if the person leaves the FIND behind.

Geofence & People Tracking

Set Bounderies

Geofencing allows an admin to set up triggers when a person enters (or exits) the defined area, and an alert is issued.


Trigger an alert

Easily monitor the location of a person. Whenever a person leaves or enters the assigned area, an alarm is triggered.

Infection Control

Knowing the locations of all people in a facility is of critical importance for investigating the potential spread of COVID-19 infection.

Location Tracing

The solution can also measure where people are and how long they stay in a specific location.


QR code scanning for registration and re-usability

FIND gives an audible buzzer when 2 people break social distancing

No additional IT hardware required

Data remains private to the customer and not shared with any third party

Economical and Easily scalable

Machine Learning Algorithms for smarter decisions of collected data

Maintains record of the movement of people and get a list of violators per day

An ideal solution for everyone irrespective of their age including elders and kids

SenseGiz's Social distancing & Contact tracing solution wins top award at SAMADHAN challenge by MHRD

The Union MHRD Ministry of INDIA in association with AICTE and FORGE Accelerator had conducted the "SAMADHAN" challenge to choose the best innovative digital solutions in the National Fight Against COVID-19.
SenseGiz was Awarded the First Prize at the conclusion of the SAMADHAN challenge from more than 300 companies who had applied, which is a validation of the work that we are doing for enforcing social distancing and contact tracing.


Tracking COVID-19 Patients by Creating Geofence with SenseGiz Solution COIN


1. If I lose / misplace FIND how can I locate it ?
Within any company premises it is possible to find the last location of any misplaced FIND.
2. Is FIND battery user replaceable ?
YES, One of the major advantages of using the FIND's is that the battery is replaceable and also easily available and it will just take few seconds to replace battery.
3. How harmful BLE radiation is for human since I will be using FIND for 8 hours?

BLE radiation is not harmful to humans at all as it comes under the category of non-ionizing radiations which doesn't have the capability to do any sort of damage to the cells or DNA.We have FCC & CE certificate for our products.

4. How will I know low battery power consumption ?
Each FIND's battery level can be monitored from the dashboard.
5.Can I lend this device to family member / friend ?
Yes, you can but please take permission from the authority who provided you with the FIND tag before giving to someone else.
6. Is this proven technology ?
Yes,we served many large enterprises with our asset & people tracking for many years and now we have modified for COVID-19 prevention cases.
7. How to switch off this device if I am not going to use it for few days ?
You can define the ON and OFF time from the dashboard, this will also help in prolonging the battery life.
8. Can I use same device at home & in office ?
Yes, you can use but please take permission from authority who provided you with the FIND tag before using it outside the work environment.
9. Can the device store data? If yes for how long ?
Yes, the FIND tag can store sufficient data, and we recommend that it is synced with the App or the Gateway atleast once a day as real time alerts are necessary.
10. Can the data come to our platform directly ?
Yes, the data can definitely reach your platform directly through our APIs that we have readily available. can the FIND/SAFR be reused Post COVID crisis ?

Post COVID, the same set of hardware can be used for other use cases like,

  • Safety Monitoring using panic button.
  • People tracking to improve workforce efficiency.
  • Attendance tracking of all employees.
  • Tracing employee movement in restricted areas.
  • Tracking contract labor movement or visitors movement.
12. How can the same FIND be reused for multiple users ?
The QR code in the FIND can be scanned through our app and the name/employee ID of the user can be registered along with that. This can also be done directly from the dashboard.